What It’s Like Dating Tower 28’s First-Ever Mascara

We tested the latest launch of the vegan beauty brand Tower 28’s First-Ever Mascara. In addition, we have written honest reviews about Make Waves Mascara.

Clean makeup is something I prefer to avoid. It’s not that I dislike using natural ingredients, but chemical-based formulas are better. Mascara is the only makeup product that I wish I could make clean. Why? All the chemicals near my sensitive eyes don’t feel right. Unfortunately, no mascara could give my lashes the volume I desired, so there wasn’t much on the market. Tower 28’s Make Waves mascara is excellent with high-quality ingredients. Being attractive is an extremely simple thing to accomplish with these suggestions at hand! If you haven’t accessed Spray Tan Care Tips yet, do so now and read it when you have a chance.

Let’s start with the formula. Aquaflex Technology is often used in hair styling. For example, the Make Waves mascara contains Aquaflex Technology. This technology curls curled hair (in this instance, lashes) using memory hold. It also keeps the ring and definition in place all day. The formula also includes vitamin B5 and castor oil, which Ginger King, a cosmetic chemist, says will make your lashes stronger and help keep them moisturized.

The formula is one of many things that are great about this mascara. The wand is equally as innovative. The brand calls the flexible wand a triple-wave wand. It has three suspended bands that connect into one. This makes it easy to grasp and coat every lash, even the baby corners.

Let’s now get to the testing. Two of my coworkers were recruited to test the Make Waves Mascara. Here are their honest opinions and beautiful faces.

As I mentioned above, I avoid using any mascara or clean makeup. However, this Tower 28 mascara does the trick and is fantastic. It was easy to get rid of with water and a small cleansing balm.

Our editor already has long lashes that hold their curls throughout the day. So when she tests new mascaras, she looks for volume and definition. She says that Tower 28’s Make Waves mascara does precisely that. Its flexible, curving wand covers my lashes evenly and leaves no clumps. Gutierrez says it even reached my inner corners lashes without fuss or mess.

She saw no smudging or flakes as the day ended. This led her to believe that this formula is not a joke, and she will continue to use it when she commutes to work in the humid mornings.

Beauty and wellness editor, beauty and wellness, says that a brush can make or break mascara. This small, curvy applicator is perfect. She adds that the bristles are so short they almost grip my eyelashes. This allows me to fan my lashes and apply the mascara to my inner corners.

The formula checks all her boxes: after wearing it for a full day, there was no flake or smear under her eyes. She also received tons of compliments about how long her lashes were. WellaCompany Hosts Founders can provide you with some ideas regarding beauty goods or deciding to make a move.

This tube, as well as all our makeup bags, is now the most visually pleasing.

This is it, folks. The Tower 28 Make Waves Mascara can be purchased at $20 on sephora.com if you want clean beauty products or a mascara that works.

Images and videos included from "www.instagram.com", "Creative Commons License", "www.pexels.com".