The Detox Market Enters Into the Middle of the Market

The Detox Market will expand into the Middle East by partnering with the luxury beauty retailer omnichannel Faces.

The partnership was supervised by the luxury distributor and retailer Chalhoub Group, which operates various brands in the beauty and fashion industry and retailers.

The Detox Market, which has six brick-and-mortar stores and an Online presence in the Middle East, had been an important market that the company had been considering.

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“We’ve been looking at expanding into the Middle East for quite a while,” said The Detox Market founder and chief executive Romain Gaillard. “We have quite a lot of business coming from that region, and we noticed that there were desires from consumers of The Middle East for clean beauty. The second reason is that we found a distinct shortage of options in that region.”

Gaillard said that clean beauty is not available on a massive scale within the Middle East the way it has been in other markets, like that of the U.S. After considering expanding, Gaillard met with the Chalhoub Group and found they could be a perfect partner because they have the “similar train of thought in terms of what they wanted to do with clean beauty,” Gaillard said. “The Chalhoub Group is the best suited for that type of objective, the most respected group regarding distribution, retail, and partnerships in luxury in the Middle East.”

When it came time to partner with Chalhoub Group was the first to consider partnering. Chalhoub Group felt the clean beauty sector was the perfect market to enter, as per David Vercruysse, president of the managed companies of Chalhoub Group. “The beauty market in the Middle East is one of the fastest growing in the world,” Vercruysse declared. “There is a huge untapped opportunity…It’s a market which is set up for tremendous growth.”

As per Vercruysse, Chalhoub Group maintains more than 50% of the market share for beauty across the Middle East; therefore, the company believed it was its duty to develop the clean category. To do this, The Detox Market will initially launch through the Faces website and then expand to brick-and-mortar stores in the second quarter of 2023, focusing on skincare, According to Gaillard.

In the course of this collaboration, The brand will be able to conduct the specific launch of its products on the website in the future, with a first emphasis on the skincare segment, including brands such as True Botanicals and Odacite, to ensure that they are competent to introduce to consumers and educate them on their products effectively. In addition, Chalhoub Group also plans to organize offline and online activations with influencers to increase The Detox Market’s reach throughout The Middle East.

This expansion means that this will mean that Detox Market expects the Middle East market to become an opportunity worth millions of dollars that will account for 10 percent of sales by 2023 and 15 to 20 percent in 2024. It is expected that the Detox Market also anticipates the revenues to increase by a factor of two in the first half of 2023 and the second half of 2023.

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