Spray Tan Care and Preparation Tips

Spray tan care and preparation tips, Spray tans are excellent to get bronzed fast.

They last longer than self-tanners but they aren’t harmful to your skin the way sitting in the sun can be. To ensure your spray tan appears and remains consistent there are some essential steps to follow prior to and after your appointment. We will go over how you can prepare and keep your spray tan looking great for the next time.

Shave and Exfoliate Your Skin Prior To Your Tan?

If you’d like the spray-tan you apply to be streak-free and last for a longer time you must do some preparation prior to time. Exfoliation is essential for getting a uniform spray tan since the flaky or dead skin will result in streaks and patches. Try Kiehl’s gentle exfoliating Body Scrub to cleanse for your complexion (focusing on dry areas such as elbows and knees) and then shave towards after your bathing session after the hair follicles are been softer. Make sure to shave after your spray-tan can take away the color more quickly therefore it’s essential to cut your hair before you start.

Do Not Shower Right Before Your Session

Showering on the same day is okaybut make sure you shower at least four hours prior to your appointment. The pores of your skin are increased following a hot shower or bath, and the tanning solution will get into your pores, causing dark spots.

Remove Your Makeup Just Before You Spray Tan

Remove Your Makeup Just Before You Spray Tan

Do not wear any makeup while you spray, unless you intend to tan your face too. Your foundation will serve as a barrier to the product. Once you return home to wash your face the tanner will go off your face. A majority of tanning salons provide makeup removal wipes, or you can take the wipes with you (like those from CeraVe’s Makeup Remover Cleanser Cloths). If you don’t want to apply a tan, however you desire to enhance the glow of your skin, we suggest using the Sublime from L’Oreal Paris bronze Self-Tan Drops in your moisturizer on a daily basis.

Do Not Use The Deodorant or Moisturizer Too

Deodorant may also function as a barrier against the spray-tan solution (and in certain cases it can change color) that can cause a patchy underarm. You can avoid this by cutting off the deodorant prior to your appointment. It is also important to stay clear of moisturizing lotions and other scents and oils that could stick onto your skin and result in uneven the amount of tanning.

You Should Wait For At Least Six to 8 Hours Before Showering

When you’ve washed you’ll be able to see that the water appears like it’s muddy. This is the cosmetic bronzing solution that is used to create the tan. This lets the technician know which areas they’re spraying. Don’t remove or shave your hair prior to the first bath. Make sure to use body wash only to gently cleanse your skin and allow the water to flow until it is clear.

Quick Tip: After you’ve washed and washed, you’re usually able to go to bed with no worries about the sheets getting stained. But, each spray tanning method is different, so consult with your expert to find out what you can comfortably sleep into your bed without staining your PJs or your bed.

Apply a Moisturizer Every Day After Spray Tanning

After the first shower, you should begin with a daily moisturizer to maintain your tone. Be sure to not use oil-based moisturizerssince they may remove your tan, leaving your skin looking like a blotchy mess. Use la Roche-Posay Lipikar Triple Repair Moisturizing Cream to give your skin a smooth, fast-absorbing appearance.

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