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It could be said that your love professional makeup. Sometimes Your love playing with the colors and getting excited when your smokey eye looks perfect.

There are days when my eyeliner doesn’t work, my bronzer looks like an Asian Snookie, and my lashes don’t curl. This is when I feel like throwing my makeup bag out the bathroom window.

Last week was one of those days. After walking into work with two different eye shapes, my editor gave me a new assignment: Write about going to makeup school. Even though she wasn’t so subtly telling me I was terrible at applying my makeup, I accepted the position. I attended three schools, not just one. I went to the Napoleon Perdis Academy, Hollywood, Calif.; Make-up Designory, Burbank, Calif.; and Make-up For Ever Academy, Los Angeles.

There are many classes offered at each school. You can choose from special effects courses to learn how to create realistic-looking vampires and zombies. Or you can opt for fashion-focused classes that will show you the daring techniques you see on the runway or in magazines. For my purposes, however, I would recommend the makeup 101 courses. After spending the morning learning about color theory and how to hold a makeup brush properly, I am now confident in my makeup artistry skills. You can see my best tips without spending thousands of dollars and a crazy amount of time at makeup school. Continue reading. You’ll see what I call The Cliffs’ Notes guide to being a professional makeup artist.

Professional Makeup Tips

While we could spend hours watching beauty bloggers and vloggers do what they do best, it seems our work is not as impressive as theirs. While makeup artists devote their lives to mastering the art, they appear to have a lot of makeup magic. Is it magic or just insider information? We think it’s a bit of both, but we are revealing some tricks to elevate your makeup game. These hacks are worth a try. You won’t regret it.

A “cake face” is not something that anyone likes. A model’s makeup shouldn’t look like frosting on a cake. Properly prepping your client’s skin is the best way to avoid this. Many makeup artists instruct models to apply face masks the night before a shoot. Some prefer to use peel pads. Moisturising is essential, no matter what. You’re good to go if the canvas is well-toned and moisturized.

Eye Makeup First

Eye makeup application is bound to cause some damage. This includes eye shadow specks and liner mishaps. You don’t want to ruin your work on the rest. Save the eyes for last. You can start with the sights and clean up everything else before moving on.

Consider using a lot of eyeliner when taking photos outdoors. For photoshoots, makeup professionals may apply five layers of eyeliner to ensure enough coverage. For a clean, crisp look, layer brown on top of black.

Lip Magic Makeup Tips

To remove any dead skin cells, scrub your lips with a toothbrush before you start to do anything else. This will help prevent dry and cracked lips. Make sure your lipstick is not darker than your lip liner. Whether you use cream or liquid lipsticks, make sure the color matches the outfits of the model. It is possible to coordinate your wardrobe ahead of time.

Foundation Tips

Get started with a solid foundation. How? Apply your makeup before you begin. Use a cream moisturizer to give your skin a natural, dewy look. Once you are done, the moisturizer will keep your makeup from looking too cakey. Transparent BB creams will help plump the skin and prepare it for the color you are about to apply.

Apply concealer to cover flaws. Next, apply a powder with a warm, even undertone that matches your skin tone. Use a soft hand to apply the powder, smoothing the edges and neck. Avoid using HD powders during photo shoots, as they can leave white streaks on your face.

Lighting and Mirrors

Good lighting and mirrors are essential for professional makeup artists. Poor lighting can cause colors to blend incorrectly, leading to poor results. A fully lit prep station like the one on our luxury buses will give you the best results. You’ll be able to view your work from multiple angles if you keep a few smaller mirrors handy during your shoot.


Here are some helpful tips from professional makeup artists.

  1. For flawless cat eyes, rest your elbow on a solid surface. Your secret weapon is a steady hand.
  2. When cleaning brush bristles, you should only wash them. The glue can begin to loosen over time, and bristles will wiggle while you work. This can lead to less-than-perfect results.
  3. Revering contour darker skin tones for a brighter, fresh look in photos.
  4. To finish the powder, use a puff. This will reduce the shine of photos, mainly when flashes are used.
  5. Use baby shampoo and tea tree oils to clean your makeup brushes. The gentle baby shampoo protects your meetings, and the tea tree oil disinfects them between clients.

Perfect Mascara

Apply mascara to the top of your lashes for long lashes. Make sure you coat every lash. Apply one to two coats for a natural look. If you want a bolder look, apply three coats. No matter how many coats are applied to the top, bottom lashes only require one coat.

Seal Your Work

Your makeup should last for a photo shoot. Make sure you seal your work before you send your model off. The foundation will be filled with translucent powder to prevent any excess sheen. These makeup tips are from professional makeup artists and can help you improve your skills to achieve excellent results.

Natural Assets

Your talent is already impressive. You only need to enhance their natural beauty. This principle will help you avoid artificial appearances often seen in photos.

Professional Makeup Tricks

If you want to learn some professional makeup tricks that can enhance your beauty and confidence, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to create a flawless base, a stunning eye look, a glamorous lip color or a natural glow, we have you covered.

• To make your eyes look bigger and brighter, apply a nude eyeliner on your waterline and a shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes.

• To make your lipstick last longer, blot your lips with a tissue after applying the first layer, then dust some translucent powder over them and apply another layer of lipstick.

• To make your foundation look more natural and flawless, mix it with some moisturizer or primer before applying it on your face. This will also help hydrate your skin and prevent caking.

• To make your blush look more natural and blended, apply it on the apples of your cheeks and then sweep it upwards towards your temples with a fluffy brush.

• To make your eyelashes look fuller and longer, curl them with an eyelash curler before applying mascara. You can also apply some powder on your lashes before the mascara to add more volume.

Professional Makeup FAQs

How to make contour placement?

Apply your powder or contour cream below your cheekbones and along your jawline. Apply the product to your cheeks by pulling them in.

How to make makeup for oily skin?

Applying a setting spray to your foundation can help it stay in place for longer if you have oily skin. This helps to hydrate your skin and eliminates excess oil.

Which lipstick should your use to cover full lips?

Use lipstick to color your lips pinkish or reddish. Next, apply a slightly darker lipstick in the middle of your lips, just below the cupid’s bow. Blend it outwards using your fingertips. Make sure that the darker lip remains in the center. This creates the illusion of fuller, darker lips.

Final Thoughts

Planning and strategic steps to make your makeup last through the summer. You now know how to ensure your makeup lasts from morning to evening, even during the hot summer. While adapting your makeup for summer, double-check your skincare routine, as it should change with the warmer weather.

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