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Makeup Box Tips and Trends

Beauty makeup box is an easy way to find new products, whether you’re a beginner to makeup or an experienced makeup artist looking for the right look.

Depending on how often the subscription is renewed, you’ll receive a range of small and large-sized personal care products. These can include foundations, dry shampoos, and mineral sunscreens. They will be delivered straight to your door every few weeks, depending on whether you choose the regular or mini-subscription service.

A beauty subscription box has been around since the beginning of time, and many brands and companies have launched their own. This means there is a beauty subscription for almost every kind of need. Are you looking for the best eyebrow pencils and the newest drugstore mascaras? We’ve got you covered. Boxycharm is a service that allows you to receive full-size products. Which focuses exclusively on sheet masks, can be used by anyone who wants to find the perfect Korean skincare product. Scentbird and Skylar Scent Club also feature fragrances. Petit Vour’s The Detox Box and The Detox Market are great options for trying out clean, cruelty-free products. We’ve highlighted our top picks ahead of time in case you feel overwhelmed or don’t know where you should start.

The Best Makeup Box

We have compiled a list of the top makeup boxes voted on by readers. There are many great options! It’s no surprise that makeup subscription boxes are a prevalent category. Subscription boxes for makeup are an excellent way to try new products but not spend the total retail price. MSA has reviewed several subscription boxes for makeup, and we have seen them all. You’re here because you are looking for a new subscription box to your makeup collection.

Tribe Beauty Box

YouTube tutorials are a great way to get your makeup done (and who isn’t?). The Tribe Beauty Box subscription makeup box is a great choice. Each bi-monthly subscription includes enough products to sharpen your skills. And since the curation is primarily female-owned and indie makeup brands, you will discover unique new products over time.

You’ll receive 4-5 full-sized or deluxe-sized products in the box. Unlike other subscription boxes, you will know precisely what you are getting. There will be plenty of surprises, but Tribe Beauty Box delivers all you need.


BoxyCharm consistently ranks among our top choices for the best makeup boxes. The BoxyCharm service is a combination of high-quality products and expert curation. Our readers love BoxyCharm. Boxycharm is for those who are knowledgeable about the latest beauty trends and know what products work. You’ll be sure to find products that are both popular and great additions to your makeup collection with Boxycharm.

This monthly subscription box is for you if you love makeup. Each pack contains at least five full-size products and high-end brands. The package costs $175. Every delivery has unique cosmetics, such as eye shadow palettes and lip colors, skincare products, beauty tools, and makeup products.

Allure Beauty Box

Allure Beauty Box is a monthly subscription box that offers a variety of full-size and deluxe products from well-known brands. Each box contains at least six Allure-approved skincare and makeup products, three samples, and three full-sized. The total value of each box is over $100.

Allure Beauty Box editors curate the products. This is an excellent way to get the best cosmetics, skin masks, and skincare products at an affordable price. Each box includes a newsletter that explains what each product does and why editors love them.

IPSY Glam Bag

The IPSY Glam Bag monthly makeup box subscription offers a satisfying haul for a very affordable price of only $13 per month. This monthly makeup box includes five deluxe samples of drugstore and high-end makeup products. A combination of skincare and makeup products will be included, along with additional beauty tools that can be customized to your liking. It’s simple: Choose the products you are interested in and wait for your bag at your doorstep. You can start by taking the IPSY beauty quiz. This will collect basic information about you, including your skin tone, preferences for beauty, and your current favorite brands. This is a stress-free method to travel. You can look through your bag and make better choices for the future.


GlossyBox is the perfect subscription box for beauty lovers. Each pack contains five carefully selected products, each valued at $60. They are hand-wrapped inside the bright pink box. Each box contains a different theme with products that support it. The past pieces were Imperfectly Perfect and Summer Rendezvous. Every shipment will have the most delicate makeup, skincare, and fragrance samples, all handpicked by GlossyBox’s beauty experts.

IPSY Glam Bag X

IPSY Glam Bag X, a quarterly upgrade for IPSY Glam Bag Plus and IPSY Glam Bag Plus subscribers, is now available. Glam Bag Plus members pay an additional $33 per shipment, and Glam Bag Plus members pay $30 per shipment. It is not possible to purchase a separate quarterly Glam Bag X subscription. Glam Bag X is an excellent option for makeup lovers.

Glam Bag X is worth a look. Celebs and their products. Glam Bag X each quarter has a celebrity curator who chooses eight (!) of your favorite stars. Full-size items will be sent to you. The previous curators were Halsey and Khloe Kardashian. New products are often included, such as the highlighters from Halsey’s About-Face makeup line (August 2021 box) or the Glam Bag Plus.


Birchbox delivers a wide range of samples in every box. This is why Birchbox has been a long-standing favorite among readers. You can try new products, drugstore beauty, and well-known beauty products in the Birchbox box. Birchbox has helped promote various beauty brands, including Beauty Protector.

You can customize your makeup subscription only to get products that you are interested in. Birchbox will deliver 4-6 samples to your doorstep if you specify your preferences in your beauty profile.

IPSY Glam Bag Plus

Glam Bag Plus is available to exist and new IPSY subscribers. The next-tier makeup subscription box includes five full-size products from well-known and up-and-coming brands. Members get to choose three of the items.

The IPSY Glam Bag Plus comes with a broader range of lipsticks, palettes, brushes, and skincare products. It also arrives in a stylish drawstring bag. Members can add additional products to up to eight shipments.

Shopping Tips for Makeup Boxes

There are many makeup boxes on the market, and it can be challenging to choose one. These questions have been helpful to our readers when they are deciding on a subscription for makeup.

  1. Are you looking for makeup only? Some boxes deliver only makeup, while others include skincare, haircare, and lifestyle products. You’ll see which packages only offer beauty products and which ones offer products from many categories.
  2. Are you looking for full-size or miniature samples? You can get beauty samples in some boxes, which are cheaper and more convenient if you want to try out new brands. Full-size products may be more appealing if you’re looking for products you can use daily. In our list, we have listed which boxes send full-size products and which ones are sample-sized.
  3. What frequency do you need products? Are you looking to receive new products every month or just a quarterly shipment, so you don’t have any makeup that hasn’t been used? This list will tell you which boxes are bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly.
  4. Are you looking for specific brands or particular types of makeup? You might not choose the same subscription if you look for lesser-known brands to become your favorite brand. There are subscription boxes that offer cruelty-free or vegan makeup. This list will tell you what cosmetics you can expect to receive from each subscription makeup box.
  5. Customer service is fantastic. Accidents can happen, no matter how expensive a subscription is. Sometimes, it can break a palette, or a bottle might get opened in the mail. The contents of the bottles could spill over onto the other products. So that we can quickly resolve any problem, we have limited the number of companies we will include.
  6. Our readers’ boxes vary in price, delivery frequency, product focus, and product focus. However, they all offer extraordinary value (especially when combined with coupon codes and promo links, which we have provided whenever possible). Please see our notes at the bottom for more information on our selection process and tips to get more out of your subscription.

Makeup Box FAQs

What are the factors when reviewing makeup box?

It would help if you examined the factors; Price and Value, Packaging, Variety and Selection, and Additional Perks.

What are the tips for getting the most out of your makeup box?

You should examine the tips; Start with a monthly or bi-monthly box, Look for discounts, Check expiration dates, and Leave reviews after receiving your products.

What to look for when shopping makeup box?

You should review the following; Size, Customer service, Brands, Quality, and Pricing.

Final Thoughts

We also looked for companies with a strong reputation in the makeup box subscription industry. We wanted members to be able to cancel, pause or change their subscription at any time. We want to make it easy for you to start enjoying the subscription lifestyle without worrying about long-term commitments or unexpected charges.

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