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Beauty is a passion, which is the reason that some choose to learn about makeup. Makeup artist beauty travel blogger Dubai in our article.

The amount of beauty bloggers in the UAE has grown, and we are pleased about it. Many skilled women from the UAE are getting noticed. This blog will present some beautiful bloggers from the UAE and give you a brief overview of their work.

Here’s an overview of the best makeup artist in Dubai. We’ve also added their Instagram account to allow you to look at their work. I hope you’ve enjoyed the experience. Research has shown that people’s purchasing patterns are heavily influenced by the content they find on social media. Based on an analysis of 7,000 customers, 3 out of 4 purchase decisions, no matter those made in shops, are affected by what people experience, see and hear on the internet.

If you’re looking to learn the latest trends in fashion, there is no need to look further. Dubai has plenty of influencers in fashion and beauty on Instagram. Numerous lifestyle bloggers are trying their best to provide their followers with the most detailed report on the latest trends in fashion and beauty.

Best Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Today, makeup artist and beauty travel blogger in Dubai is becoming very popular with women due to their wide-ranging use in both the private and public sectors and their varied nature that makes them perfect for making women look more attractive without being the most well-known makeup artists on the planet.

Makeup artist beauty blogger Dubai is available to anyone of any age and gender with no restrictions or exclusions. Dubai is among the most stunning cities on earth and is home to many ex-pats from around the world. If you’re considering moving or going to Dubai, it is possible to think about the top 10 choices of makeup artists and bloggers in Dubai.

Diana Chipar

Diana’s Instagram account is filled with beauty, fashion, and fashion. She looks like she’s attending her Met Gala and uses bold eye makeup. You’ll feel more elegant when you follow her style.

Diana Chipper is a well-respected makeup artist and businesswoman in Los Angeles, California. Her work spans over 10 years in the world of beauty. She was the makeup artist for Miss Universe 2009 and Miss USA 2009. Miss Universe 2009 and Miss USA 2009. Diana was featured on Cosmopolitan’s covers.

Aliya Fatima

In addition, we have another self-taught makeup artist in the UAE 21, Aliya Fatima. Aliya has graduated from high school at university, but she is a full-time makeup artist and blogger in the beauty world. Her path to success began with her mother, a makeup artist. Aliya believes this is the path she has chosen to follow. She has worked in PR for various brands within the industry, but her first brand is “Huda Beauty, ” which is the name of her fellow UAE makeup artist Huda Kattan.

Najla Gun

Najla has a career as a makeup professional and blogger, traveling the world. She also shares her routines for skincare and creates excellent tutorials on makeup. She’s an expert at flawless foundation makeup, and her naturally curly curls appear stunning!

Australian blogger and her Instagram account @najlagu belong to her. Najla is an experienced makeup artist who blogs on fashion and beauty and is a social media influencer. She also creates tutorials for cosmetics. Her Instagram followers are more than 85K. She is famous for her beautiful makeup designs, as well as her excellent skincare routines and hair tips. Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Harper’s Bazaar have featured her in their publications.

The Tezzy

Tezzy will teach you how to create incredible makeup looks. She will also dissect the different makeup products. Her skills extend to accessories and selecting the perfect outfit.

Self-taught hairstylist and makeup artist Tezzy has created life-changing makeup styles throughout her career. While in High school, Tezzy discovered beauty through her fascination with her mother’s lipsticks. Tezzy was also highly thankful for the method and result, although she was unsure how to apply it correctly. Throughout her career, she’s made many different looks and studied makeup.

Her makeup is specialist, and she is always eager to master new techniques. When her high school years were over, she could show an obsession with fashion and fashion. She also started reading blogs about fashion and quickly became a fashionista. Tezzy was able to master the fundamentals of hair styling and experimented with numerous styles.

Judy Poulos

Judy Polous is a Syrian makeup artist from the UAE living in the region’s capital, Abu Dhabi. Judy began her journey in makeup by pursuing her love of the art of makeup and started making videos for Instagram and applying makeup to her friends for training. As a result, Judy has received opportunities to collaborate on projects with brands in the beauty industry like Bioderma, Nyx, Vogacloset, and many more. Judy has reached 40K followers on social media and launched a YouTube Channel.


Befrenshee is a French YouTuber who resides in Dubai. She loves to talk about fashion and beauty. Simple tutorials and reviews enable them to communicate her love for beauty to her readers. She is always trying new products and has created a YouTube channel that shares the latest trends in beauty with her followers.

Caren William

Caren William is a 21-year-old self-taught makeup artist hailing from Egypt. The makeup artist is located in Dubai; Caren began uploading makeup tutorials on her Instagram account in 2017 after she was inspired by her friends and family, who believed in the potential of her work. Caren states that makeup has been her favorite source of pleasure and passion for a long time, and she has achieved many things over the past few years. From the growth of her following to 40K to her campaign ‘Essence’ in the spring of 2019. We are amazed by her work!

Huda Kattan

We don’t have anything we can say—everyone’s favorite. Before founding Huda Beauty International, she was a makeup artist who developed tutorials on makeup and skincare techniques for women all over the Middle East and the globe. Huda is an excellent influencer of makeup. You can learn a lot from her tutorials.

Huda Kattan was the founder of Huda Beauty. She is an internationally-known makeup artist and blogger, a skincare expert, and a cosmetic artist. She has 50.3 million Instagram followers; she’s an influential beauty influencer. The most popular video on YouTube is her makeup tips. They are trendy throughout regions like the Middle East. Kattan is an entrepreneur from Canada and Lebanon and is well-known for her makeup and false mascara.

Dubai Beauty Makeup Artist FAQs

Do Dubai makeup artists make a lot of money?

Based on current data that makeup artists earn, the average salary for makeup artists in the Dubai is just over $66,000. The top 10 percent of those who made a living took home less than $121,000.

What is the average salary of a hollywood makeup artist earn?

The annual average wage for a makeup artist in the theatre is $81,600, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Who is the world’s top makeup artist?

The most talented makeup artist of all time has to be Pat McGrath.

Final Thoughts

Beauty makeup blogger is, however, highly open in the discussions of her private life, making her more interesting to follow. The beauty makeup artist is also generous, as she will always be willing to participate in partnerships. This can include getting free items in exchange for reviews or an interview.

In conclusion, makeup artists’ travel bloggers have provided essential makeup products that aid in improving how you go about your makeup session. A makeup artist who is aspiring should be aware of this crucial.

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