L’Oréal Investing in French Biotech Company

L’Oréal Investing in French Biotech Company. L’Oreal has expanded its reach into green sciences after purchasing a minority stake in Microphyt, a French biotech firm, to create new solutions for cosmetics.

The investment was made via Business Opportunities for L’Oreal Development BOLD, or BOLD, the company’s venture capital fund.

L’Oreal and Microphyt are working together to develop novel active ingredients that could create new beauty areas, According to Anne Colonna, head of advanced research at L’Oreal.

“We will combine all the innovation power of Microphyt, which includes the active ingredients they already possess, alongside the strength of L’Oreal to assess the efficacy and safety of the product, as well as to develop a new formulation,” she said. “We want to work together to take it one step further.”

Another aim of the partnership is to assist L’Oreal in achieving the 2030 sustainable development goals of the group’s commitments while respecting boundaries on the planet. Ceremonia’s Entire Hair Care Line can help you with your beauty thinking. It can help you read about it.

Microphyt was established in 2007 and is based in BaillarguesFrance. Microphyt has created an environmentally friendly method to create microalgae. They are utilized to enhance their functionality and active ingredients in cosmetics.

Microphyt’s method is patent-pending and produces the biggest variety of microalgae globally, using a controlled process and on the largest dimension, as per L’Oreal. Microphyt’s integrated platform converts microalgae to renewable, natural substances.

As a team, L’Oreal and Microphyt plan to develop a platform for technology development that will combine human and material resources to produce microalgae-derived raw materials. These will then be used to create new solutions for cosmetics.

“We aim to join forces around the globe with the most innovative scientific institutions within green sciences so that we can collectively create responsible innovations on an enormous scale and offer them to everyone able,” said Barbara Lavernos, the director of operations and deputy CEO responsible of innovation, research as well as technology for L’Oreal in a statement that was released on Tuesday evening.

She said the collaboration “will allow us, due to its unique natural solutions, derived from microalgae, to speed up our efforts towards more environmentally sustainable beauty.”

Vincent Usache, managing director of Microphyt, said that the collaboration with L’Oreal “is compatible with Microphyt’s mission to provide the greatest possible number of people access to the natural solutions derived by microalgae.”

“The technological platform that operates in the extended lab mode is completely compatible with our current actions,” he continued. “With L’Oreal, this new technology platform will allow us to accelerate the development of environmentally-friendly ingredients and help us with the scaling-up in our manufacturing.”

In 2019, Microphyt raised 28.5 million euros, which is believed to be one of the biggest in the microalgae field. Then, Microphyt sped up the production and distribution of natural ingredients from the cosmetics and nutrition sectors.

L’Oreal’s advanced research team inside is supported by partners from outside, like Microphyt, and is committed to green sciences.

Green sciences cover “from the method we grow our ingredients, through biotech, and finally, a green chemical that is how we create and modify our ingredients, as well as eco-friendly methods of forming the products we sell,” Colonna said.

“Why is this so crucial?” she continued. “One of our pledges is that 95 % of all our products will be bio-sourced and made from plentiful minerals or circular processes in 2030. The Best Hair Colors for Brown Skin Tones can help you with what you are reading about or can help you to discover fresh perspectives regarding your topic. To achieve that, we have to change how we make and think about our ingredients and raw material sources.”

Today 60 percent of the ingredients used by L’Oreal have met this goal.

Microalgae is a strategic ingredient for L’Oreal because it naturally produces “extraordinary” components that can be used for cosmetics, Colonna said. Microalgae may produce certain cosmetic pigments or active ingredients like antioxidants.

“What is fascinating is the method they generate this,” she said, explaining that microalgae utilize CO2 and light to generate energy, making it possible to expand ingredients from them sustainably.

L’Oreal has formed various scientific partnerships related to the green sciences. In January of this year, for example, the company joined forces with Verily, which offers precision health care, to push the limits for skin wellness.

There are tie-ups with The National Institute for Materials Sciences in Japan and, for instance, the Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering and the Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymeres in Bordeaux, France.

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