Kith, Malin + Goetz Collab for Second Collection! Details Revealed

Kith, Malin + Goetz Collab for Second Collection, Kith and Malin + Goetz are continuing their collaboration with a brand new collection.

A streetwear clothing label and a skincare brand are collaborating to create a second line of skincare and household products named Rogue. The range includes a fragrance bar soap, body and hand soap, body lotion, and candles, each with a unique scent created by both brands.

“It’s always in the forefront when I work with our partners on ways we can expand our brand and the entire lifestyle experience we provide to our customers,” said Kith founder Ronnie Fieg. “It’s been a thrilling experience creating these scents and items for the apothecary in collaboration with Malin + Goetz because I’m convinced they’re the top of the line in this type of product. We’re telling a tale through this collection that is something people can truly be a part of and incorporate into their life.” Gisou’s Piccadilly Pop-Up Store can help you with your beauty thinking. It can help you read about it.

The two brands worked together to create their Rogue fragrance for this collection. The scent comprises notes like beetroot clove, pink pepper violet leaves, saffron leather, cypriol oil, and others. The Rogue collection is intended to be a “sensory investigation of what color signifies,” according to the two brands. It is intended to invoke the sensation of a warmly lit room filled with contemporary furniture and art.

Kith and Malin + Goetz previously teamed in 2019 to create Vapor The collection offered body wash for hands and hands and body lotion, fragrance candle shampoo, and conditioner.

The Kith for Malin + Goetz Rogue collection is available on Kith’s website and in their stores. The prices range between $16 and $95.

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