is coconut oil good for your lashes

Is Coconut Oil Good For Your Lashes?

Is coconut oil good for your lashes? Learn how coconut oil can nourish your lashes and make them grow longer. Plus, discover the best ways to apply. Coconut oil is a popular ingredient in many health and beauty products because of its proven benefits. It can moisturize and protect your skin and hair, as well as fight off bacteria and fungi. These benefits may also apply to your eyelashes, making them healthier, fuller, and more resilient to cosmetics and eyelash styling tools.

If you want longer and thicker lashes, you might be tempted to try lash serum. But they can be very expensive. Don’t worry, I have a solution for you as a lash technician. Coconut oil! You can make your own eyelash growth serum with coconut oil easily and cheaply.

why you should use coconut oil for your lashes every night

Why You Should Use Coconut Oil For Your Lashes Every Night?

Coconut oil is a safe and natural product that you can use around your eyes. It won’t harm your eyes or the sensitive skin around them. In fact, it can do wonders for both your eyelashes and your eye area. Coconut oil can nourish, moisturize, and protect them.

Tougher and Healthier Lashes

Coconut oil can help your hair stay healthy and strong. It can prevent damage from washing, hair products, and styling. This may also work for your eyelashes. Coconut oil has fatty acids, especially lauric acid, that can penetrate the hair shaft better and longer than other oils, research shows. This is why coconut oil can protect your hair more effectively.

Coconut oil can protect your hair from losing protein when you wash it. This can keep your hair healthy and strong. This may also apply to your eyelashes. Coconut oil can prevent your lashes from getting damaged by washing your face or taking off eye makeup.

Defense from Microbes

Your eyelashes have microbes on them that can cause infections. Coconut oil has medium-chain fatty acids that can fight off these microbes. Lauric acid is the best one for killing bacteria. Coconut oil can help you avoid skin infections, like folliculitis, which is when your hair follicles get inflamed.

If you wear mascara, you should know this. Your eyelashes can make your mascara dirty with microbes. This can happen if you use the same mascara for more than three months, a study says.

The study tested two brands of mascara used every day for three months and found microbes in 36.4 percent of them. They found different kinds of microbes, like Staphylococcus epidermidis, Streptococcus species, and fungi.

Voluminous Lashes

Coconut oil can keep your hair hydrated and protected from losing protein and getting damaged. This might also work for your eyelash hair. This could mean that you lose fewer eyelashes and your lashes look thicker and fuller.

does coconut oil make good your lashes grow

Does Coconut Oil Make Good Your Lashes Grow?

Coconut oil can make your eyelashes longer and thicker. It is a natural product that can fight off bacteria and help your eye area. Coconut oil can boost your eyelash growth when you apply it to the base of your upper lashes. The oil also moisturizes your lashes and keeps them healthy.

To get the best results from coconut oil, use a new clean mascara wand or a Q-tip to gently apply the oil to your upper lash line every night before bed. You should see that your eyelashes will get thicker and longer with regular use of coconut oil.

If your eyes feel dry sometimes, you can mix some coconut oil with some warm water or aloe vera gel to make a conditioning treatment that will soothe your eyes and help your eyelashes grow healthy.

Coconut oil is a great product for your beauty routine, as it keeps your lashes beautiful and helps them grow long and strong.

applying coconut oil to enhance your eyelashes

Applying Coconut Oil To Enhance Your Eyelashes

You have a few options for using coconut oil for your eyelashes, such as eyelash serums or pure coconut oil.

You can buy many eyelash serums online or at beauty stores. They often have coconut oil, along with other things, like essential oils and castor or mineral oil.

The good thing about eyelash serums is that they have an applicator that makes it easy to use without making a mess. The bad thing is that they’re not always natural. They can also be expensive, depending on the brand.

You can find virgin coconut oil online or in most health food and grocery stores. You can apply it easily with a clean finger, an eyelash brush, or mascara wand. You can buy disposable eyelash brushes and mascara wands online or at cosmetic stores.

To use your fingers to apply coconut oil:

• Wash your hands.

• Get a small amount of coconut oil on your index finger.

• Rub the coconut oil between your two index fingers.

• Close your eyes and gently rub the oil on your lash lines.

To use an eyelash brush or mascara wand to apply coconut oil:

• Put a new brush or wand in a container of coconut oil.

• Carefully put the oil on your eyelashes like you would mascara.

• Put it on top and bottom lashes.

• Use a cotton swab or pad to gently take off any extra oil from your lashes or skin.

pros and cons of coconut oil for lashes

Pros And Cons Of Coconut Oil For Lashes

Here are some pros and cons of using coconut oil for lashes:


• Coconut oil can moisturize, protect, and nourish your lashes. It can also prevent infections and damage from styling tools and cosmetics.

• Coconut oil is cheap and easy to find. You can buy it online or in most health food and grocery stores.

• Coconut oil is natural and organic. It does not contain any harmful chemicals or additives that could harm your lashes or eyes.


• Coconut oil can be messy and greasy. It can stain your clothes, sheets, or pillowcases. It can also clog your pores and cause acne if you use too much or do not remove it properly.

• Coconut oil can cause allergic reactions or sensitivities in some people. If you have a coconut allergy or intolerance, you should avoid using coconut oil for your lashes. You should also stop using it if you experience any irritation, redness, swelling, or itching.

• Coconut oil may not work for everyone. Some people may not see any improvement in their lash growth or thickness after using coconut oil. Coconut oil may also weigh down your lashes and make them look droopy or clumpy.

Coconut Oil For Lashes FAQs

How does coconut oil help your lashes?

Coconut oil can moisturize, protect, and nourish your lashes. It can also prevent infections and damage from styling tools and cosmetics.

How often should you apply coconut oil to your lashes?

You can apply coconut oil to your lashes every night before bed. This will give your lashes time to absorb the oil and benefit from it.

What kind of coconut oil should you use for your lashes?

You should use virgin or organic coconut oil for your lashes. This will ensure that the oil is pure and free of any chemicals or additives.

Final Thoughts

Coconut oil is a cheap and easy way to care for your lashes and make them look better. If you want to keep your lashes healthy and beautiful for a long time, you should also use natural and non-toxic lash products that have powerful plant-based ingredients. These products are clinically proven to be vegan and easy to use. They will help you have long and lovely lashes for years to come.

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