how to refresh hair without dry shampoo

Save Your Scalp: How To Refresh Hair Without Dry Shampoo

Learn how to refresh hair without using dry shampoo with these simple tips! Say goodbye to harmful chemicals with natural hair refreshers.

While hair that has been shaved off looks gorgeous to many people, a significant part of us needs make your hair smell good some help to appear (and feel) like freshly cleaned locks. We all thanked the gods of beauty when first exposed to dry shampoo. It was like the hair version of a magical, and we were confident that it could address almost any hair-related problem.

Recently, we’ve become dissatisfied with our previous most loved product. Why? Reports suggest that it’s not the most beneficial for your hair. Also, a lot of people dislike the way that chalky and dry formulas leave their hair. Also, a variety of hair types do not agree in the same way with the any product.

So, how do you plan to get your hair back in shape (sans cleaning it) after two days if you’re not a dry-shampoo person? Have no fear. We’ve put together various options to make your hair look fresh every morning without having to lather up.

12 Best Ways to Refresh Hair Without Dry Shampoo

You might be tempted to use the dry shampoo if your hair seems thin and flat. But what if there were an option to revive your hair without using any sprays or powders? Here are the best methods on how you can refresh your hair without the need for dry shampoo.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It is a well-known ingredient for skincare due because it can help control oil production. Additionally, hair experts suggest that the product works effectively for hair with oily hair too. Making a couple of drops of apple cider vinegar into a spray bottle and water before spraying it onto your hair will do magic. This method is particularly effective because it doesn’t leave leftovers like other dry shampoos or other alternatives typically leave behind.

apple cider vinegar to refresh hair

Baking Soda

Based on corn starch, hair experts suggest mixing it with baking soda can be an excellent option to lessen oily roots. Put the ingredients in a bowl and mix equal amounts of the baking soda and cornstarch, along with some drops of essential oils hair experts suggest using tablespoons. After mixing, hair experts recommend putting the mixture lightly on the scalp. It should rest for a few minutes to soak up excess hair growth oils before shaking out the excess. The only downside? The mix may leave a white remnant on darker hair shades. It’s best utilized in a pinch.

baking soda to refresh hair

Hair Perfume

There’s nothing more embarrassing than having a night in a smokey bar only to wake up with hair that stinks the next day. A daily perfume spray may make your hair dry because of the alcohol. However, this formulation of Oribe is the complete opposite. It does not only lightly perfume your hair with the brand’s signature scent. However, hair perfumes help in conditioning your hair with extracts of amber. It also reduces static, meaning you can spray it every morning before heading to the exit.

hair perfume to refresh hair

Baby Powder

A classic but also a great one, baby powder is recognized for its reliability as a dry shampoo substitute since it was utilized before the days of widely used dry shampoos. Applying the baby powder in a teaspoon and then gently brushing it through your hair will help absorb the oil left behind and leave your hair looking fresh than before, hair experts advise. Don’t simply sprinkle it on top of your hair, however. Instead, divide your hair, then gently put the powder between your layers to absorb all over, rather than only putting it over the top.

baby powder to refresh hair

The Second-Day Blowdry

If you’re worried about oil build-up as the reason you go to dry shampoo in the morning, think about this: Give your hair a blast using a blow dryer to get the same result. Flip your hair in a circular motion, turn on the dryer at a shallow setting, and then dry your hairline. This will dry the oil and provide your hair with a boost of volume. It’s the perfect second-day quick and easy hairstyles. Make sure you refrain from creating a routine habit of doing this. You’ll have to wash and shower if your hair becomes sweaty and oily.

the second-day blowdry to refresh hair

Oatmeal Powder

The oatmeal can be ground and made into an amorphous powder. Mix powdered oatmeal with baking soda in a 1:1 ratio (e.g., one teaspoon powdered oatmeal. Add one teaspoon baking soda). Keep this mix in a salt storage container, like cocoa powder, to dry hair.

oatmeal powder to refresh hair


Hair textures, particularly curly ones, may become matted and knotted as you rest. It is, therefore, essential to have a detangler at hand to remove those knots. Because brushing can not only ruin your hair’s style but can also cause fix damaged hair, this is particularly significant as it nourishes while detangling, leaving your hair silky smooth.

detangler to refresh hair


You could use deodorant if there is nothing to carry from the mentioned items. You can keep the bottle out and apply a few drops to your hair to eliminate the greasy look. The deodorant contains lots of alcohol that aids by breaking down any oil present in hair and helps to keep the hair fresh. Be careful not to use this trick regularly, or alcohol could dry out your hair.

deodorant to refresh hair

Dry Conditioner

There’s a significant distinction between dry shampoos and dry conditioners. Dry conditioner functions similarly to regular conditioners, hydrating your hair and providing texture and shine. After using too much dry shampoo, it’s an excellent product, as it restores moisture. It’s also worthy of cutting static and adding the appearance of bouncy. Love extending your blowdry-bar blowout? This bottle is perfect for you.

dry conditioner to refresh hair

Different Hairstyle

If you’ve been on Instagram recently, you’ll know that not all dry hair alternatives are made up of products. One of the most effective ways to use the fact that you don’t have dry hair is to alter your hairstyle. A stylish braid or bun can give you an easy, low-maintenance look and cover up oily hair and scalp, say hair experts. However, when you love to accessorize your hair, an enormous headband could aid in attracting attention away from an oily scalp.

different hairstyle to refresh hair

Paper Towels

If you suffer from oily skin, you should have blotting paper and paper towels in your bags. Paper towels can eliminate the excess oil from your hair by pressing it against your scalp. You may not receive perfect results. However, you can get rid of oil from your problem hair areas quickly. After this, you can use a blotting sheet if you have any remaining greasy hair.

paper towels to refresh hair

Arrowroot Powder

The powder of Arrowroot is naturally occurring starch that is employed as a thickener in food items, which makes it excellent for absorbing oils, according to hair experts. It’s also extremely light and leaves a pleasant feeling to the hair. However, it is messy; to control it, apply it using a brush. It should be massaged in to get the maximum effect.

arrowroot powder to refresh hair

Quick and Easy Tips to Refresh Hair Without Dry Shampoo

  • Keep Your Hands Away: Do you want the most straightforward, fastest solution to eliminate oily hair? Could you not touch it? Many people believe that oily hair results from excessive oil production on the scalp (it may be! ). However, if you are a frequent toucher of hair, you may be transferring oils and other products for your skin from your hands to your hair. Your hands naturally produce oils to help protect you from skin damage. However, keep your hands off if you want your hair to remain clean without washing it daily!
  • Keep Conditioner Where It Belongs: Hair that is dry after washing? This could mean you put your conditioner in too close proximity to the hair’s roots. To keep your long hair looking cleaner, apply conditioner from the middle of your length to the ends. The scalp produces oil naturally; therefore, using conditioner on the roots could cause hair to shrink and weigh it down, particularly for those with finer hair.
  • Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase: Let’s call this an old-fashioned beauty tip. The silk pillowcases you sleep on are an easy method to retain the natural oils present in hair, resulting in hair being silkier and less frizzy at the start of the day. Traditional cotton pillowcases create fur to rub against the hair’s fibers when you sleep. Silk and satin pillows are silkier.
  • Keep Heat Styling To A Minimum: We all know that excessive heat on our hair can cause damage or breakage. The same can be said for the effects of heat styling on hair that is dirty. If you don’t clean your hair regularly, you may only apply an anti-heat spray a couple of times per week. Furthermore, some products for styling aren’t intended to be used when heated and cause further damage to the hair.
  • Get Creative With Hair Accessories: Take advantage of those wolf cut hairstyles that are dirty! Get the most you can out of hairstyles for Day 2 hair by accessorizing with fun clips or scrunchies. If your hair is greasy on your face, pull it back using a cute headband or another accessory. It’s not dirty if nobody notices to notice.

How To Refresh Hair Without Dry Shampoo FAQs

How can you refresh your oily hair without washing it?

The most effective way to prevent greasy hair is to apply Dry shampoo to wash your hair. After you’ve cleaned your hair, allow it to sit for a night to let the dry shampoo do its job.

How can I make my hair look less oily if I don’t have dry shampoo?

Rinse your hair less frequently. It might seem counterintuitive, but washing your hair excessively could remove its oils, which can cause your scalp to release more oil to compensate for the loss.

How can you refresh your hair without washing it?

There are several ways to refresh your hair by not washing it. One option is to use dry shampoo. This can help absorb any oil left and leaves the hair with a fresh smell.


Dry shampoos are the secret weapon you need to freshen your limp and oily hair without the need to wash it. Dry shampoos are great for absorbing excessive oiliness and grease from the scalp and hide when you’re not the in the mood to shampoo your hair. It’s also easy to apply a dry shampoo if you have bad hair days and don’t have time to clean it. But, if you can’t access a brand-name dry shampoo or are running out of it, Here are some fantastic alternatives. The ingredients you need are readily accessible and a less expensive option to dry shampoos sold in stores. Therefore, consider giving these a go and ending your poor hair day.

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