Gisou’s Piccadilly Pop-Up Store is Ready to Take London

Gisou’s Piccadilly Pop-Up Store is Ready to Take London. Gisou is launching its first pop-up store during the holidays inside the British capital and making its way through the halls in Piccadilly with its honey-infused products.

The pop-up store, located in the townhouse at 189 Piccadilly, next to the Royal Academy of Arts, will be open from Thursday until December. 18. The shop will be accessible through until December. 23.

The brand’s founders, Negin Mirsalehi and Maurits Stibbe, also have created a short movie centered around Piccadilly Circus in London.

It shows a couple of newlyweds wandering about town searching for their dog Mosey who is running away from their home because the puppy is getting all the attention.

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“We have always dreamed of having pop-ups in London. There’s a magical feel in the city during Christmas,” said Mirsalehi, who has set up temporary Christmas shops (and the accompanying movies) with films in Paris in both Paris and Amsterdam.

The U.K. is believed to be one of Gisou’s most rapidly growing markets. Stibbe stated that the honey-based beauty and hair brand had increased 300 percent over the past year, resonating with London’s wealthy customers.

“It’s a very engaged market,” said the CEO saying that Gisou has been ranked among the three top haircare brands in Selfridges as well as at Sephora within Europe.

The pop-up will have all of Gisou’s hair and skin care products and limited-edition gift sets and sets. In addition, Gisou will also offer its very first Gisou Advent Calendar.

Its London location will be designed in the “golden glow” theme and longer than the previous pop-up stores.

The London pop-up marks the end of a massive year for the brand that is a part of the Mirsaheli family’s history of beekeeping and uses organically sourced ingredients from the family’s bee farm.

This year, Gisou completed a series B round of funding led by Eurazeo, who took an interest in the company. Eurazeo acquired a stake along with Vaultier7, which is an existing minority investor, as well as Mirsalehi along with Stibbe. The duo, who co-founded Gisou at the end of 2015, are the majority of company owners and manage Gisou.

The couple has been using financial support to aid Gisou’s plans for growth to strengthen its e-commerce and digital capabilities, strengthen the brand and its customer base, and expand internationally by establishing a group within North America.

Gisou has seen rapid expansion since the start 2020 in the early 2020s when Vaultier7 invested a million dollars in the start-up company for hair care which was initially a direct-to-consumer operation. It was just a month before COVID-19 was sweeping across Europe.

The coming year is likely to be equally hectic, with Gisou plans to introduce lip and oil for hair that is currently top sellers on the site of the brand on the shelves Sephora. At current, Sephora only stocks products for hair.

Stibbe stated that the brand would continue to launch new products and innovative ideas for hair care as it expands its skin care segment by introducing more honey-based formulas.

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