Curl Methods for Short and Straight Lashes

If your lashes are short, you may be familiar with the struggles of curling them, curl methods for short and straight lashes.

Even though straight lashes are more difficult to curl, they can resist the many tricks and tips you’ve heard about. If you have tried every volumizing mascara and the standard lash-curler method and still have difficulty curling your lashes, it is worth switching to a different technique.

Kasey Spickard is a makeup artist who recommends using a mini-eyelash curler like the Shu Uemura Mini Eyelash Cutter for curling short straight lashes. He recommends using a medium heat setting on your blow dryer to warm up the curler. Too hot could cause breakage. For extra lift, use mascara that promotes long-lasting, clump-free curls, such as the Maybelline New York Colossal Curl Bounce.

While curler type is important for achieving a long-lasting curl, technique is equally important. You can’t use the traditional clamp-and curl on shorter lashes so be creative

Quick Tip: Cococho, a Youtuber, has a great technique that we recommend. You can see her tutorial here. (But, if all else fails there are always drugstore frauds.

How to Curl Straight and Short Lashes?

How to Curl Straight and Short Lashes?

It’s all about the angle for this technique. Instead of curling straight along, she uses a different approach. Start by bringing the curler closer to your eyes as you would normally do. Next, curl the lashes from the root. The curler will curl your lashes at the ends by gently bending toward your nose as you move towards the root.

Place your lashes again in the curler and curl towards the nose. Angle it downwards and outward to get the smaller hairs towards the inner corners. Then curl your lashes straighten and pull down (extremely gently!) To lengthen the curl, you can use a curling iron. This method requires patience, but the results are amazing and will solve all your lash problems.

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