Arey Raises $4 Million for New Hair Care Line

Arey Raises $4 Million for New Hair Care Line

Arey Raises $4 Million for New Hair Care Line, a hair care company specializing in hair loss has just completed an investment round of $4 million. This is more than twice its initial $2 million goal.

Female Founders Fund and Greycroft acted as the principal investors in Arey, created in 2021 by businessman Allison Conrad and celebrity hairstylist Jay Small, and offers products formulated with antioxidants, vitamins, and peptides that are designed to slow the aging process and help re-pigment gray hair.

“We are delighted to be part of Arey Grey’s Seed Round creating a science-driven solution to combat ageing hair issues to the public,” said Anu Duggal, the co-founder of the Female Founders Fund. “The hair care market is primed for innovation and co-founders Allison Jay and Allison Jay have chosen to take a preventive approach to hair health coming up with a solution that reduces graying while increasing hair’s hue.”

Alaina Hartley, a principal at Greycroft, said: “Arey’s pioneering product line provides a scientifically-based, proactive solution to gray hair that is able to work across hair types and genders. We’re thrilled to work with cofounders Allison and Jay in their quest to build the most recognized brand in hair treatment.”

According to Arey researchers, they have discovered that genetics are only responsible for around 30% of gray hair. However, vitamin deficiencies from lifestyle choices and diets that can be linked with oxidative stress and the chemicals used in dyes to cover hair that is gray hair could contribute to the cause. Together with their medical advisors, including internal medical doctors, dietitians, and chemical engineers, they have developed products that can be utilized as soon as you notice the first signs of gray by protecting and even restoring the pigment.

The brand offers six products for sale, including serumssupplements, and the Duo of conditioner and shampoo that can be used to improve hair health. It also reduces the chance of a rise in graying and larger, dense hair.

Conrad stated: “We are not anti-gray however, we intend to provide females and males with an option to replace the active hair dye. The wrinkle cream in haircare. We are targeting those who want to stop graying hair as well as customers who are in the beginning stages of hair graying.” Reading How to Clean Beauty Blender? may help you realize what’s being talked about or can help you discover fresh beauty insights.

The company has seen an increase of 1,100% year-over-year in sales since its launch in 2021, but it did not provide the number in dollars. Subscriptions comprise more than 70% of sales.

The funds generated by this round of investments will be used for research and development, as well as the expansion of distribution.

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